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Focus on Importance of Healthy Habits Rather than Quick Fix

How often do we think about getting back on track after the holidays, but do we focus on the importance of healthy habits or a quick fix?

When we think about resolutions, how often do we think about restriction, drudgery and the no pain-no gain? This all or nothing approach sets us up for failure by not allowing us to nourish ourselves or providing self-care.

This year let’s think about health and wellness as a joy and gift! With the focus of caring for ourselves in a brand-new way! Let’s provide us the self-love and self-care that we deserve. And make long term goals joyful and even fun! Self-care for Health and Stress Management (

Ideas to Help You Succeed on the Importance of Healthy Habits

1. Make your goals your own

Write them down & create them so you can be successful! Build them so they are measurable and are smaller steps rather than one big leap! Think about the tortoise not the hare! Here are a few guidelines how to write goals on one of my previous blog posts.

Make these goals kinder & gentler! Love yourself as you would your most prized possession!

2. Hunger is Not Happy

A few folks may argue with me on this but that is because many of us are used to conditioned being punitive and restrictive. But in your heart, you know that hunger is not comfortable.

One of the thoughts that I often share with clients is Restriction Leads to Binge. And later Binge Leads to Restriction. So, the more punitive that you are to yourself food, the more likely you may fall. Listen your hunger levels, eat when you are hungry before you get overly hungry. If you wait until you are overly hungry, you are more likely to need more before you feel full and overeat. Then when you overeat, you may feel remorse and wait too long before you eat again. It is a vicious cycle.

   It’s sort of like, which came first the Chicken or Egg.

Restriction Leads to Binge

3. Move it or Lose it

For those days that it is too crowded, snowy, gray and cold to work in the days at the gym, build in increased movement every day! Have you noticed the gym is extra full in January only to be sparse later in the year? Many people that I work with are not always fans of the gym but want to get more exercise.

If you build more activity every day, you will be more likely to get it. Park further. Take the stairs. Walk over a message versus e-mail. Do some arm weights or sit ups while you watch your favorite television binge. Try an appropriate exercise video. Use a pedometer or a fit bit!

4. Plan some delicious things to eat!

Food is a joy of life and should not feel like drudgery eating it because it’s healthy! Plan food that you enjoy, savor it by eating mindfully and paying attention to each bite, flavor, texture and combination! Here are just a few of my favorites and stay tuned for more ideas to come in 2017! Explore my blog for more also!

Here are just a few simple ways to make a plan to Change to a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Pick one or more delicious salads each Week
  • Plan one or more protein bowls a week
  • Make one or more Big Pots of Soup a Week
  • Eat a Breakfast Adequate in Protein
  • Choose Filling and Healthy Snacks
  • Drink Low/Non-Calorie Beverages

Healthy Recipes Help Towards Change to a Healthy Lifestyle

Here are just a few of my recipes to help you achieve some of those important health habits!


Wild Blueberry Holiday Salad

Wild Blueberry Holiday Salad ready for your next celebration
This may now be one of my favorite holiday salads and it includes wild blueberries! It is so pretty to add to the holiday table!

Spinach Beet Walnut Salad, Thai Broccoli Salad, Kale Cabbage Apple Slaw

Protein Meals and Bowls

Apple Cider Glazed Tempeh with Chutney

Tofu Buddha Bowl
Try this tasty plant protein bowl for supper & leftover for lunch!

Spring Pasta with a variety of vegetables just says spring
Capture the taste of spring with these veggies!


My heart is feeling warm just thinking about these heartwarming recipes!

Christmas Soup Recipe with tortellini, spinach, tomato and white beans
This colorful soup is beautiful and healthy too!

2 Savory Pumpkin Seasons
It’s not all about sugar and cinnamon! Try these savory pumpkin recipes!

butternut squash blue cheese (

Love some warm soup in the winter
All you need is a little crusty bread to complete this meal!

Filling Breakfast

Recipes for Egg Tacos, Grit Bowl, Breakfast Salad, Breakfast Burrito, Tempeh Bacon Sandwich, Quinoa with Apples and Pecans

Bowl of Breakfast Quinoa with Apples
This high protein grain makes a great breakfast!

How important is breakfast for weight loss? Vine Ripe Nutrition

Satisfying Snacks

a variety of nuts are available for a healthy snack

Low or Non-Calorie Beverages

Hot tea, water, sparkling water, fruit spritzers, herbal iced tea, nourishing milks and smoothies. You can check out some of my recipes if you search recipes on my blog!

Getting Started on Your Journey Towards Your Importance of Healthy Habits

Start feeling good about your new change towards a healthy lifestyle! Don’t make getting back on track this new year allow you to feel like you are getting over one big holiday hangover. Don’t punish yourself, start loving yourself! Think of it as a new awakening that is about taking care of you!

I love helping clients achieve their health goals and feel better! If you are looking for some support after the new year to help you find a kinder, gentler way to help you reach permanent change, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist in Asheville, and you can find out more about me here!

I help clients create a personalized nutrition assessment, work together to design a tasty and healthy menu plan with recipes and assist with building lasting changes through behavior change! Let’s work together to help you achieve your long-term goals! If you are interested in making a plan to change your lifestyle to be healthy and need a supportive, collaborative team member, I would love to help Online nutritionist – Vine Ripe Nutrition.

Set some New Years Goals for 2017
The greatest of these is love!

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