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So happy to meet you! I’m Denise and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist in Asheville, NC & use a functional, integrative approach to health. I love to help clients like you transform their eating habits & feel their best! With a personalized approach, I will work with you to fit these habits into your busy lifestyle. I provide nutrition coaching, recipe development, menu planning suggestion and will provide support to you to help make those behavior changes to get you where you want to be! Besides working 1 on 1, I work with local businesses creating employee wellness programs that achieve results & teach group classes. You can also book me for a speaker at your next event! I love working with clients with IBS and have expertise on the low fodmap diet, plant based eating, women’s health but being a dietitian for over 20 years, I work with many other health conditions! For your own personalized nutrition counseling session, call me at 828-423-5216 or e-mail me here to schedule your appointment!

I am a provider for North Carolina & Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance which may cover for your visit! I also offer special packages too!

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Healthy Holiday Recipe Ideas Are Here!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching! Whether, you are look for delicious low fodmap/gluten free, plant based options, weight maintenance, managing diabetes or heart health, the Vine Ripe Nutrition blog has got you covered. And Vine Ripe Nutrition will be available now and in the new year to make it a healthy one also with lots of resources, health session packages and group support!

Now is the time to start taking care of you! Feel your best & do the things that you want to do!

Foods for Glowing Skin & More!

Are you interested in learning more about feeling more youthful and having more energy? You are what you eat so stop by to learn about food that have lots of healing properties! Check out my menu ideas, recipes and suggestions to help & when you are ready, schedule your self nurturing, individualized nutrition therapy session. Find out more about some of the ways that we can work together here!

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