Denise Barratt

Denise Barratt

Asheville NC Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutrititionist

Welcome to Vine Ripe Nutrition!

Hi! I’m Denise, registered dietitian, foodie, nurturer & art lover with a green thumb! I love hiking the mountains of Southern Appalachia, cooking delicious, seasonal meals for family and friends! My husband and I grow a vegetable garden & can a big batch of tomato salsa every summer! We have blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb plants too! I love to shop the farmers’ tailgate markets!

A Little About Me

I’m a helper by nature, love science, people & great food made the field of nutrition became a natural career choice for me! I have helped clients for over 25 years improve their health by changing their eating habits to achieve amazing results! I have a BS in Food & Nutrition from University of Missouri and completed my dietetic internship/MS Nutrition & Dietetics from Saint Louis University. My graduate research on school nutrition policies was published in a scientific journal & was inspired by my son during his school years.

I started food blogging in 2008 sharing original recipes that focused on fresh, seasonal foods where I lived. In 2015, I moved my blog to Vine Ripe Nutrition. I am an author of seasonal food & sustainable agriculture when I wrote and published Farm Fresh Nutrition: Eating Green & Clean. Supporting Your Local Economy.
You can get a copy Farm Fresh Nutrition

What Can You Expect With Seeing a Registered Dietitian?

A registered dietitian is a health provider specially trained in the science of the human body & how food relates to our health. In addition, we have studied lots of behavior & education methods that provide people the tools that they need to make changes in their eating habits. We also love to dispel nutrition myths out there & provide accurate information.

I try to make eating fun to inspire you on your journey to permanent behavioral change with personalized nutrition counseling, health coaching, nutrition group classes & corporate wellness.
Find out more about my services Working Together.

My Approach to Health

  • Eat as fresh and seasonal as you can.
  • Choose whole foods, mostly fruits & vegetables.
  • Move Your Body.
  • Savor and Enjoy.
  • Relax and have fun!

You can read more about some of my work experience here

Fall Vegetables carrots, cabbage, sweet potato, beets



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