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Citizen Times | Food ‘Gurus’ Under Fire

Interview with local newspaper about how to be able to know the difference between nutrition fact or fiction.

Food Gurus Under Fire. Article from newspaper.
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WNC Magazine Mountain Living in Western North Carolina

What’s Cookin’

Written By:

Joshua Simcox
Photographs by:
Carrie Guemann

Three local authors pass the taste test with new titles

Farm Fresh Nutrition
Denise Barratt | self published (2014) Breaking away from the heavily processed, chemically saturated fare currently dominating our nation’s food system is crucial for our health and longevity. For those looking to enrich their diets with fresh, locally produced vittles, Denise Barratt’s Farm Fresh Nutrition is a great place to start, as well as an excellent guide to Western North Carolina’s thriving organic industry. The Asheville author first shares a story detailing her own relationship with food and evolution toward cleaner eating before revealing alarming concerns with our nation’s food supply, and then stresses the importance of purchasing and consuming locally grown produce. From there, we meet a number of chefs, farmers, and other individuals who support our region’s organic market and economy. Also included are a number of seasonal recipes that will allow readers to make the most of locally produced ingredients……. To read more check out WNC Magazine  

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Promote this Jennifer M Perry

Denise Barratt on Hitting the Festivals To Move Books With Jennifer Perry

Asheville Dietitian Denise Barratt talks about her book Farm Fresh Nutrition.

Listen to the radio show

Food & Culinary Professionals eat right. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Tastings Eat, Drink, Savor, and Learn… Winter 2015

Farm Fresh Nutrition book   Denise Barratt, RDN has completed a book, Farm Fresh Nutrition. The book provides menu plans and recipes to help consumer eat more local. She also created a new project, Vine Ripe Home Grown Nutrition that provides cooking classes to help people connect more with seasonal foods, farm tours and farmers’ market tours. To learn more about Food & Culinary Professionals

News 13 WLOS Western North Carolina

WLOS reporters speak with Asheville registered dietitian nutritionist Denise Barratt with Vine Ripe Nutrition at both the studio and in her kitchen!


New Years Nutrition

New Diet Debate Eat Breakfast or Skip

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