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Practice Self-Care this New Year!

The Importance of Self Care for Health and Stress Management

 It’s a new year and I am looking forward to practicing some self-care for health and stress management! I am so excited to look ahead to the adventure of what 2019 has in store but I also want to be living in the moment and enjoying life. And not dwelling on the “what ifs” of the past.

I know that I don’t have to tell you that often our worst critic is our very own self! Why we want to put ourselves down when we can be the one person at any moment to build ourselves in a whole, healthy person is life’s most mysterious question. I used to work with a client who used to set a goal to “Be her own best friend”.  I love this concept so much, it was my inspiration for this post. 

 Recently, another client shared with me that her new year’s goal was to embrace herself with healthy hugs and be good to herself. I absolutely loved this and told her that I was going to share it! So as we unwrap this brand new year and make it ours, let’s sprinkle it with bits of self care and love!

 Taking care of our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and it plays a big role in helping us stay healthy and also helps manage our stress!

 I have put together a Feel Good Calendar for the month of January that you can download with ideas on ways to take care of you at the bottom of this blog post. If you cannot print it from here, I will also have it up on facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

This week’s focus will be to:

1. Make the commitment to take care of you.

 2. Create a Self Nurturing Box (see my previous posts what types of things that you might want to include)

3. Exploring the Benefits of Tea

4. Adding Minding Moments to Your Day

5. Listening to Relaxing Music

I will be sharing more on ways to do these on facebook, Instagram and pinterest this week so stay tuned.

Here are some additional resources that I have put together at Vine Ripe Nutrition that focus on the importance of self-care:

1. Learning how to put together a self-nourishing self help box:

Get a pretty box, bag or basket and add some things that help you provide a little self care/love. See what I have included in my box!

Find out more-How to nourish yourself emotionally!

 2. Live the life of cozy/Hygge this winter. It is all about comfort.

 And some additional resources from a TED Talk and Bustle that also have some great things!

http://Bustle Self Care Post 

I will be sharing lots of ideas throughout the month to inspire you on the Vine Ripe Nutrition blog and social media. I hope that you will work on these along with me and share some of your suggestions for the rest of us! It is so important to add self-care for health and stress management which helps keep our entire bodies healthy!

 Add a little self love to your life! Self nourish more!

Self Care Calendar
A self care action plan for you with lots of great ideas to self nourish yourself without food.
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