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Christmas Mocktail Recipes

The holidays are a time when many of us want to celebrate with some Christmas mocktail recipes. In addition, these non-alcoholic drink recipes also work great for Hannukah, Kwanza and Winter Solstice too!

For people working hard to maintain sobriety, the holidays can be a challenge, and this was my inspiration to create some great mocktails to make everyone feel special during this time of year!

Christmas Mocktail Recipes

Elderflower a Special Christmas Mocktail Ingredient

Elderflower Syrup has a great flavor
Tasting this ingredient is believing!

Tasting Elderflower syrup is believing! These aromatic flowers come from sambucus shrub otherwise known as elder or elderberry. This syrup is not widely available, and I had to order mine online. The two brands most common. Monin or D’Arbo. It is also possible to make this syrup and the trickiest part is finding the plant! Caution with the leaves and roots because, they can be toxic. If you can’t find the elderflower syrup, substitute simple syrup for it.

Orange Missouri Mule
This hardworking, little mocktail the Orange Missouri Mule is named after the state animal of my home state!

Orange Missouri Mule

Freshly Squeezed orange juice, fresh rosemary and a good bottle of ginger beer. These are the ingredients for something spicy and bubbly! I choose Maine Root for this mocktail but you can find several other ones that you might also enjoy. Ginger beer is a non-alcoholic beverage made by fermenting ginger, sugar and yeast.

Makes 2 servings.

resh Orange juice

Ginger Beer

Fresh Ginger for Garnish

Rosemary twigs

In two glasses pour ginger beer and add fresh orange juice. Add a few ice cubes and stir with the rosemary twig.

Golden Hot Chocolate
The flavor of cardamon and tumeric makes this hot chocolate unique!

Golden Hot Chocolate

Tumeric  and cardamom gives a nice gold to this warm, cozy drink!

Makes 2 servings.

1-2 teaspoon freshly grated tumeric

1 teaspoon freshly ground cardamon

1 tablespoon honey

1/2 tablespoon water

1 ounce dark chocolate

2 cup milk

in a medium saucepan, heat chocolate, water, turmeric, cardamom and honey on low heat until chocolate melts. Slowly whisk in milk and heat through. Pour into two special mugs.

This blue mocktail is quite festive for the holidays.
This mocktail is the signature of elegance.

The Blue Flower

This mocktail has it all the antioxidant benefits of blueberries, the relaxing power of lavender and the healing properties of elderflower!

Makes 1 serving

Handful of frozen blueberries

1 tablespoon elderflower

1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers to make lavender tea

Smalled chilled bottle of club soda

Make lavender tea by heating water and pouring 1/2 cup into coffee mug. Put lavender in a tea ball and carefully dunk into mug and seep a few minutes and then remove tea ball. Allow tea to cool. To make the mocktail, in a champagne flute, pour tea, elderflower syrup and chilled club soda. In a small bowl, crush a handful of blueberries and carefully add to the rest of the drink. You can gently stir to mix up the separate layers of this unique drink.

Delicious Ways to Garnish and Serve Christmas Mocktails

We eat with our eyes, and we sip refreshing mocktails! Here are a few ways to garnish your Christmas Mocktails:

  • Serve mocktails in attractive glassware. I love vintage glass but you could put it in a lined copper mug or clay cups.
  • Set up a tray with ingredients and cups so everyone can make their own. Make it decorative so it goes with the rest of your holiday decor.
  • Slice citrus and/or make strings of zest for garnish. I also love adding frozen fruit instead of ice for a delicious burst of flavor. Use fresh herbs like mint in drinks and as a garnish. I also love using Five spice stars, cloves and cinnamon sticks. And I also have gotten fresh nutmeg and a grater for fresh egg nogg mocktails.

Here are some additional mocktail recipes:

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Time to Mix Up a Few Christmas Mocktails!

As a registered dietitian nutritionist in Asheville, North Carolina, I love helping clients find delicious ideas to help them with their healthy lifestyle. I am so glad that you stopped by to check out these delicious, Christmas mocktails. I hope that they will become a special way to unwind long after the holidays are over.

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