During the heat of the summer, it can be too hot to cook. Our house is old without central air and we do have a couple of box air conditioners that we use on occasion when it gets too unbearable but for the most part, windows and screens are our cooling system. So for me, there are many evenings where I am not going to run my oven or even cook over the stove. I need something cool to eat! Even if your home cooling situation is more modern than ours, you may be craving cool things to eat too!

Cold salads, cool pastas, no cook sandwich ingredients, lettuce wraps and chilled spring vegetable wraps are things that are easy and downright refreshing to eat on a warm day. I have also gathered some of my favorite cool meals to eat this summer. They are easy to prepare, delicious and even good for you too! Here is a list of summer of my favorite “No Cook Summer Meal Ideas” with easy recipes included below! Stay cool in the heat this summer!

Fresh Summer Hummus Tacos

Vietnamese Bun (Cold Noodle Salad)

Fruit and Nut Wrap

Hummus and Greek Salad

Chickpea Nicoise

Rainbow Kale Salad

Orange, Avocado, Strawberry, Walnut and Spinach Salad

Summer Panzanella with Trout

White Bean Salad

Strawberry Coconut Cream Overnight Oats


These tacos are from a sponsored post that I did a few months ago as part of a Sabra Hummus recipe contest.

Fresh Summer Hummus Tacos

This post includes three of my favorite summer meals: Vietnamese Bun which is a cool noodle salad, a Fruit and Nut Wrap which was from one of my favorite restaurants that has now closed and a very simple meal with hummus and Greek Salad!

3 Cool Summer Quick Healthy Meals

In my cookbook, Farm Fresh Nutrition, I have a smoked trout version of this recipe which I love and this one is so delicious also!

Summer Salad Recipe-Chickpea Nicoise

A little kale, bulgur wheat and lots of veggies taste great with this post that I did for Toufayan Bakeries as part of a recipe contest.

Rainbow Kale Salad with Pita Bread

Not only is this cool salad beautiful, it also contains lots of nutrients that make your skin glow!

Eating for That Youthful Glow

Panzanella is an Italian bread salad, I think that it is just the thing to eat on a hot summer evening!

Summer Panzanella with Trout

Sometimes there is nothing cooler to eat in the summer than breakfast for supper and how much cooler can you get than right from the fridge! If you don’t want overnight oats for supper, eat them for breakfast. I love the fact that I can pull them out of the fridge and eat them!

Strawberry Coconut Cream Overnight Oats

I hope that you love some of our cool, summer meals that my family and I serve when the weather heats up! Not only are they cool to eat but they are full of flavor and nutrition so you will feel your best when it’s time for summer fun! As a registered dietitian nutritionist here in Asheville, I love sharing ideas from my kitchen to keep people healthy!

If this is your first time stopping by to see what is cooking, welcome and I am so glad that you stopped by, if you have come by before-Welcome Back and come back soon! I will be posting a few more ways to stay cool this summer and have lots of new ideas that I will be sharing!

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