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Crock Pot Dessert

Try more crock pot dessert recipes when the weather heats up!

When I moved to the mountains, we bought a fixer upper with no air conditioner, I told my husband “We won’t need to cool my house because it is cool in the mountains”. Most of the time, it really is tolerable but sometimes it gets really warm up here in the Land of Sky!

We keep the windows open, hang out on the porch and use fans so most of the time so we are just fine. But many times, during the summer, I don’t want to heat up the kitchen any more than I need by turning on the oven. In fact, most of the time when the weather gets hot, I don’t even want to eat warm meals, so I prepare lots of salads and sandwiches.

This month, when I was challenged by my friends at Recipe Redux to keep the kitchen cool this summer, I began thinking what to make. I did not want hot soup, chili or a casserole when it’s 90 degrees outside and not much cooler inside. However, when my husband picked some special berries out in the woods it became  my inspiration for what to make! It was 3 cups of wild blackberries!

With both of us growing up in the Ozarks, we used to pick lots of them, and our moms would make blackberry pies and cobblers.

This weekend I dreaded to heat up my kitchen turning up the oven to make him something sweet from his labor of love so I decided that I would make him a fruit crisp in the crock pot! I am happy to say that he really loved the recipe, and the next day two little children came over and ate the rest of it right up! I think it was a hit!

Crock Pot Dessert Recipe

Healthy Dessert Recipe
Slow Cooker Blackberry Crisp

This slow cooker cobbler tastes a lot like the original oven recipe. Adding whole grain oats to make it a crisp instead of just flour adds vitamins, minerals, fiber and lots of texture! Serve with a dollop of vanilla yogurt or even some frozen yogurt! Making crock pot dessert recipes won’t heat up your kitchen because you will bypass the oven!

Makes 8-10 servings


3 cups wild or tame blackberries from the farmers’ market

1/3 cup sugar

1/4 cup flour

1 teaspoon of Earth Balance tub margarine or butter

6 quart slow cooker (or if slow cooker is a different size, convert the recipe to make more or less)

Wash berries in a colander and drain. Lightly grease the inside of the slow cooker and add berries. Toss them with the sugar and flour. Begin to make the topping below.

Healthy Summer Dessert


1 cup rolled oats

1 cup flour

1/4 cup brown sugar

4 tablespoon Earth Balance tub margarine or butter

Healthy Dessert Topping

In a medium size bowl, mix oats, flour, brown sugar and tub margarine. Cut in the margarine until the topping becomes crumbly and sprinkle it on top of the berries. Turn crock pot on high and cook for two hours. Turn off and allow to continue to stay in there another 30 minutes. Serve hot or cool with a dollop of your favorite frozen dessert or vanilla yogurt.

Healthy Summer Dessert

Make More Crock Pot Recipes Dessert

I hope that you and your family and friends love this tasty slow cooker cobbler and I hope this is just the beginning of you using small appliances available like the slow cooker, instant pot, pressure cooker and microwave that use less energy and it won’t heat up your kitchen. After making this, you may be inspired to make more crock pot dessert recipes.

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Make a crock pot dessert and keep your kitchen cool!

Blackberries at the Farmers Market
If you can’t find wild blackberries or don’t want to fight the thorns, check out your local farmers market!

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