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Local Produce Delivery in Western North Carolina

If you live in the Asheville area, did you know that we have local produce delivery right to our door? Here is Asheville, we have places that provide this service that I am excited to share with you! So, there will be no excuses to not have fresh food to create nutritious foods that are conveniently brought to you!

Delivering Health One Box at a Time!
Delivering Health One Box at a Time!

Local Produce Delivery in the Asheville Area

Mother Earth Produce

For the over 10 years, Mother Earth Produce has been working with local farmers to bring the best fruit and vegetables available and delivering these foods to their customers. This makes eating healthy and local more convenient and easier. 

They have expanded their reach beyond Asheville and now deliver to Greenville, Spartanburg, SC and surrounding areas. In addition to fresh produce, they also have grass-fed beef, Smiling Hara tempeh, salmon, farm fresh eggs, cheese, honey, hummus, bread, pasta and grains. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, they are now taking orders for the delivery of local turkeys for Thanksgiving!

Ordering from Mother Earth Produce online is easy to do. They offer a small, medium or large fruit or vegetable bin. You can customize your bin contents and they will let you know ahead of time what you will be receiving so you can plan your menus! They also provide seasonal, healthy menu ideas weekly.

My clients who have used this company really enjoy using their service and believe that it was one of the best things to happen with their eating habits! Ordering is also very flexible, if you go out of town for a week, just let them know and you can put your weekly order on hold whenever you need. You can also order a weekly small box normally but if you have guests coming, for a visit, you can add a large box to your order if you want!

Here are just a few healthy food recipe ideas that you can make with some of the food available now at Mother Earth Produce!

  • Applesauce muffins or pancakes!
  • A fruit crisp with the blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. Try my recipe!!
  • A cream of asparagus soup with the asparagus puree!
  • Simmer a minestrone soup on the stove using the diced green peppers, green beans and summer squash!
  • Winter squash can be made into all sort of delicious ideas.

Grandma Ida's soup

Value Added Foods Included

In addition to fresh produce, Mother Earth Produce also has a variety of other products to round out your meal. In fact, they provide “Easy Meal” service where they provide kits to make a meal super easy using local ingredients. Items included are take and bake items, soups and broths, breakfast items and bundles and kits.

So, you can make a full meal without leaving your house!

Mother Earth Produce is an innovative company that helps communities grow their local food movement! Change can be a good thing! One of the things that they have recently added to their selections are I like knowing that I can still get the delicious local organic food from Mother Earth Produce!

Order a Local Produce Delivery

Eating more fruits and vegetables is good for our health and what better way to get it than a local produce delivery service!

As a registered dietitian nutritionist in Asheville, I love seeing my clients eat healthier and delicious! I first learned about this from one of my clients! If you are finding making changes in your eating habits and would like some support, I would love to help, you can find out some of the ways that I can help here.

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