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Children’s Alien Halloween Party

Let’s plan an Allien Halloween Party! And make some alien snacks, alien Halloween props and Halloween alien decorations.

I love to decorate and make something treats to eat for Halloween! This year, I enlisted a little help from my granddaughter and got inspiration from some of my son’s favorite things as a kid to come up with a fun Alien Space Party theme!

Here’s how we did it! First find the perfect location! We chose the party gazebo for our spooky spot! We hung some sparkly gray netting at the top to make it look like stars. We also hung a few planets. Aliens have to have some fun places to visit!

Healthy Halloween Party Menu
Step inside the party gazebo for a Halloween Party that’s out of this world!

Where are those alien puppets that I packed away all those years ago? I don’t know but I did find an alien bowl and an old space ship I made quite a few years ago which we freshened up a little bit.

A great Halloween party needs some good things to eat, and it seems to me that so many families get so busy with the costumes, parties and trick or treating that no one has anything substantial to eat.

So, we planned a meal that contains protein, healthy fats, fruit and whole grain so if there is no time to sit down for a meal, the little goblins will be nourished and fed! But presented in a delicious and fun way that it will be gobbled by everyone. Check out these spooky healthy Halloween snack ideas that are also plant based.

These make ahead Halloween party appetizers can be ready before trick or treating or after.

They are out of this world!

Menu for Alien Halloween Party

Alien Eyeballs

Space Crunch

Rocket Ship Fruit Kabobs

Cosmic Punch

Recipes for Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

Let’s make some healthy Halloween snack ideas for the Alien Party!

Halloween cracker with olive recipe
Simple and savory, these little snacks are very filling!

Alien Eyeballs

This simple but substantial snack is easy to make but festive enough to serve to your guests! Make as many as you need depending on your guests. This can make a great make ahead Halloween party appetizer idea.

Serving size 2-3 crackers.

1 jar green olives with pimentos

Carton of fresh mini mozzarella cheese balls, sliced into 1/8-1/4 inch slices

Your favorite crackers that set well under mozzarella ball

On a platter, add the crackers, top with mozzarella cheese and an olive. Make extras if needed or if you are going to have a smaller gathering save extra crackers, olives and mozzarella cheese balls for other meals during the week if you don’t need to use all of it.

Halloween cracker with olive recipe
Simple and savory, these little snacks are very filling!

Space Crunch

When having a Halloween Alien Space Party, you have to have a little space crunch! Vary it to suit your taste! This also makes a great make ahead Halloween party appetizer.

Serving size 1/2-3/4 cup

6 cups popped popcorn

1 cup pumpkin seeds (you could do a combination of nuts/seeds if desired)

3 cups whole grain cereal (I used some oat squares but mix it up if you like)

5 ounce dried cherries (but you can used whatever kind of fruit that you like)

Mix up these ingredients in a blow and serve!

Halloween fruit kabob recipes
For a fun Halloween Party, find a fun theme and some simple, delicious recipes!

Rocket Ship Fruit Kabobs

As my granddaughter told me, the pointed tip of the strawberry makes a perfect top of the rocket and the orange color from the canteloupe, makes a great fire for the ship “blast off”! I hope that you love them also.

The amount for fruit that you need depends on how many you want to make for your party! We purchased a box of strawberries that we stemmed and I purchased pre-cut canteloupe and pineapple to thread on the bamboo shish kebob sticks. Purchase more if needed or make a fruit salad with the leftovers!

Halloween Party Snack Ideas
Sometimes the most simple beverages can be the tastiest!

Cosmic Punch

Simplicity is key to this punch recipe. All it is orange juice, sparking water and sliced oranges, lemons and limes. It just reminds me of the cosmos for some reason! Not that I have been there to my knowledge!

What to Do with All that Leftover Halloween Candy?

Our attitude with food and what to do with it can affect children’s healthy relationship with their bodies and food. The holiday season is a good time for us as adults to evaluate our family values and what we want to give our children for a lifetime of health. This is an important part of kid’s health. Check out these tips from three registered dietitians and create your plan to help children with their healthy relationship with food!

Why I Let My Kids Keep and Eat Their Halloween Candy

Halloween Intuitive Eating Tips for Kids

Halloween Candy-A Sticky Situation

Looking for some a few additional Halloween Party Menu Ideas or another theme? Here are two of my previous posts with lots more recipe ideas!

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Halloween snack Mix (

Time to Plan an Alien Halloween Party

I hope that something from these Halloween posts help you find the perfect Halloween Party ideas and appetizer recipes. This Alien Halloween Party was lots of fun to do!

I would love to know what you like to fix for your favorite goblins and some fun traditions that you have! As an Asheville registered dietitian nutritionist, I’d love to share with others a healthy twist to celebrating! I hope that you check back on my blog & website for more holiday ideas coming soon! Feel free to share this post with your friends too! Take us to your leader!

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Healthy Halloween Party Ideas
Party planning and food blogging takes a lot of energy, it’s time for a snack!
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