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Snacks at Work

Let’s talk about being nourished all day with snacks at work. Many of us get hungry in between meals during the workday. These snacks can provide comfort when we feel sleepy or want a little company. Not planning can be one of the biggest challenges to choosing healthy snacks. Many of my clients have felt tempted by work vending machines and baked goods co-workers or someone else brings.

However, we can make snack time a beneficial way to nourish work and our body, keep us energized at work, and even boost our metabolism and help us eat less at meals because we won’t feel so greedy! I wanted to share some quick, easy, tasty snack ideas that can be packed for work that won’t increase your waistline.

Here Are a Few Tips to Fit In Healthy Snacks at the Office

  • Start with a reasonable portion size so you don’t overdo it.
  • Designate a time between breakfast, lunch, and supper for your snack. Listen to your body to determine if you need it earlier or later.
  • Include a good source of protein such as nuts, cheese, hummus, meat, or yogurt.
  • Pair it with vegetables, fruit, or whole grains.
  • Add a calorie-free beverage, so you won’t feel like overeating when you are mainly thirsty!
  • Sometimes, getting away from your desk and walking will clear your head and prevent you from overeating. You might want to set a reminder on your computer or your phone that it is time to move around.
  • Take the stairs or park further away from the office door for extra exercise during the day.

7 Healthy Snacks for Work

These quick and healthy snack recipe ideas can make your day go smoothly!

  1. Nut Butter and Fruit- Sliced apples pair well with peanut or other nut butter. Bananas also pair well with it.
An open faced peanut butter sandwich with sliced apples

2. Hummus and Vegetables- I love carrots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers dipped in hummus! A simple bean dip made with white beans and Italian herbs or a Mexican Black Bean dip can be a nice change of pace from the usual hummus if you want to try something new!

Cucumber, tomatoes, hummus and olives

3. Cheese and Whole Wheat Crackers-This snack can be varied by changing up the type of cheese and crackers that you use

Make a cheese plate for your work snack or lunch

4. Nuts, Dried Fruit, and Whole Grain Cereal—The combinations are endless! For nuts, try walnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios, and cashews. You can even use sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. For dried fruit, try raisins, cherries, apricots, and apples. There is also a wide variety of whole-grain cereals, including puffed rice, wheat, and other whole-grain cereals.

a variety of nuts are available for a healthy snack

5. Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein and calories. You can change up your fruit depending on the season. This picture has a little low-fat granola mixed in, but it is great with just yogurt and fruit alone!

yogurt parfait
This yogurt parfait can be breakfast or dessert.

You don’t need to think about a thing when you have this snack. All you need is a container, a fork, and a fridge! It is filling, low-calorie, and tasty!

Nutritious Kale Salad
This salad is rich in beneficial antioxidants, calcium, and protein, which are all needed for women’s health.

6. Salad

This filling snack can be satisfying and packed full of nutrients.

Arugula from our garden for pizza topping
The fixings for pesto.

7. Smoothie

Drinking a cucumber peach smoothie in my garden
It’s hot outside, but this smoothie can help keep you cool!

! In addition to these snack ideas, I have the 7 Workplace Health Hacks that and I put together to help you succeed throughout the work day! Check out some of their healthy snack page healthy snacks page on their website!

Work place health hacks
Try some great ideas to help you stay vital for the snack attacks!

Some Yummy Snacks for Work

These healthy office snacks are just a few of the possibilities that you can pack ahead—there are endless possibilities depending on your creativity! With these healthy ideas, you can really add a sparkle to your day when it’s break time! Snacks can be part of a healthy eating plan. As a dietitian nutritionist working with individuals and corporate health employees in Asheville, I love sharing ideas! You can find out more about me here!

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