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Welcome to the first of the holiday survival blog posts! I hope that I share some ideas that are helpful for you to have a more meaningful celebration, feel your best and stay as healthy as you can be!

The first thing that I want to talk about is something sweet! Cookies and candy!

Baking and holiday cookies and candies is a temptation for many of us over the holidays! Healthy alternatives of healthy holiday recipes can be dry and lacking in flavor. Another challenge for some of us when it comes to holiday baking lack is time. We have good intentions to bake holiday goodies for our loved ones and then we just run out of it! I hope these simple and tasty holiday goody ideas will help you alleviate one or both of these challenges. Most of all I hope that you and your family will love them and share them with your friends!

These simple cookie/candy ideas start off with the base layer featuring a whole grain graham cracker made without high fructose corn syrup. This crackers tastes like a graham cracker used to taste. These are a little more difficult to find but you can find them in specialty/health food stores. I like getting them because they taste like a real graham cracker that I remembered as a kid! If you can’t find them, use what graham crackers that you can find.

Graham Cracker Cookies Decked Out for the Holidays!

Graham cracker crusts and graham cracker toppings are favorites for many of us so why not dress up a graham cracker to make it fancy!

1. Semi-sweet Chocolate Coconut Grahams: Take one packet of graham crackers and divide each cracker into four. Melt 1/2 pack of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Spread chocolate onto graham cracker with a knife. Sprinkle with coconut. Makes 48 holiday treats.

Chocolate Coconut Grahams


2.  White Chocolate Cranberry with Sliced Almond Grahams: Take one packet of graham crackers. Break into four pieces. Melt 1/2 pack white chocolate chips. Spread white chocolate onto graham cracker with a knife. Add two dried cranberries and almond slices. Makes 48 holiday treats.

White Chocolate, Cranberry and Almond

3. White Snowball Grahams: Take one packet of graham crackers. Break into four pieces. Melt 1/2 pack white chocolate chips. Spread white chocolate onto graham cracker with a knife. Sprinkle with coconut. Makes 48 servings holiday treats.

Snow Balls

4. Pecan Praline Grahams: Take one packet of graham crackers. Chop up 2/3 cup pecans. To make the praline: Heat 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup butter. Melt and allow to boil for two minutes. Allow to cool slightly and brush on top of the cracker. Sprinkle with pecans. Makes 48 holiday treats.

Praline Grahams

These little desserts are small and lower in calories than many holiday treats. Be careful of your portion sizes. One or two will do the trick and are a little less than 100 calories a piece depending on how thick you spread the toppings! I hope that you enjoy these health dessert recipes and that you find them something easy to make when you are in a hurry!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing easy and delicious ways to survive the holidays! I hope to add a little fun to your celebration also. If you are new to my blog, I am a registered dietitian nutritionist, here are some of the ways that I help people live a healthier lifestyle. How I can help.

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