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A Fresh Approach to Eating

A fresh approach to digestive wellness

Are you ready for a gut health diet plan to improve your health?

3 Session Gut Health Package


  • Discover your personal nutrition needs for gut healing.
  • Find out which foods trigger GI symptoms.
  • Receive your individualized resource care kit with menu ideas, grocery/pantry list, and recipe book.


  • Learn ways to slowly add back foods you enjoy.
  • Practice revising favorite recipes & meals to reduce triggers.
  •  Determine what portion sizes work best for you.
  •  Explore your own individual food sensitivities.


  • Increase the variety of your food choices.
  •  Create a plan to find which trigger foods can be eaten together & what portion sizes of that don’t produce symptoms.
  • Develop a long-term wellness plan and support network to prevent relapses & maintain a healthy gut .

Make a difference in your life with all the advantages of a healthy gut!

Join the gut health diet plan to boost your immune system, nurture your brain gut connection and get out doing the things you enjoy once more!

More information about A Fresh Approach to Digestive Wellness can be found here, or sign up now!


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