Are you ready to improve your Gut Health?

3 Session Gut Health Package


  • Discover your personal nutrition needs for gut healing.
  • Find out which foods trigger GI symptoms.
  • Receive your individualized resource care kit with menu ideas, grocery/pantry list, and recipe book.


  • Learn ways to slowly add back foods you enjoy.
  • Practice revising favorite recipes & meals to reduce triggers.
  •  Determine what portion sizes work best for you.
  •  Explore your own individual food sensitivities.


  • Work on increasing the variety of your food choices.
  •  Create a plan to find which trigger foods can be eaten together & portion sizes of that don’t produce symptoms.
  • Develop a long-term wellness plan and support network to help prevent relapses & what works best for you.

Make an impact on your life with all the advantages of a healthy gut!

Boost your immune system, nurture your brain gut connection and get out doing the things you enjoy once more!

More information about A Fresh Approach to Digestive Wellness can be found here, or sign up now!


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