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A Fresh Approach to Eating

A fresh approach to womens health

Are you looking for a Women’s Wellness Program to help you feel more energy and comfortable in your skin?


3 Session Nutrition Package


  • Identify nutrients & foods to help create & maintain your optimal health as a woman.
  • Make a self-care plan that includes overall well-being & steps to implement and acheive it.
  • Receive your personalized meal plan with anti-inflammatory foods & a Mediterranean Style Meal plan, recipes, and grocery lists.


  • Examine the role of hydration on youthful skin & overall health.
  • Explore how a positive body image, intuitive eating & mindfulness affects overall health.
  • Practice including more anti-inflammatory foods to daily routine & existing recipes.
  • Discuss physical activity’s role in the slowing in the effects of aging.


  • Discuss the role of the anti-inflammatory diet and other key nutrients in the prevention chronic health conditions common for women.
  • Develop long-term wellness and support plan to prevent relapse and  maintain your healthy changes.
  • Consider ways for healthy dining out while acheiving your goals.

Gain the benefits from the food choices that you make to be a strong and healthy woman! It’s time to to take care of you!

Enjoy doing all the things that you love once more!

More information about A Fresh Approach to Women’s Wellness Program can be found here or sign up now!


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