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A Fresh Approach to Eating

It’s the new year and many of us would like to lose, gain or maintain our weight! Changing what we eat may not be as simple as it sounds, with some of life’s challenges including the fact that some foods are highly marketed and many foods have an emotional attachment to them. There is also so much information out there telling people how to eat some of it true and some of it not so factual that it leaves many of us confused what to do. That inspired me to put together a few tried and true ideas to help get you started! Check them out!


Vine Ripe’s 10 Easy Weight Management Tips for the New Year

1. Cut some calories by adding a little flavored vinegar to your current salad dressing. (this will decrease the calories without changing the enjoyment, do a little taste test first to see how you like your proportions).

2. Move more. If we don’t use it, we lose it. Our muscle mass is closely tied to our metabolism. A lot of the aging process is because of inactivity.

3. Eat less sugar. This sweet treat has been connected with increased incidence of diabetes and heart disease. It is also packed with calories. Eat more fruit instead!

4. Add more veggies. Few of us get the recommended intake of 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Make a plan to get more in your day. Try salsa on your eggs at breakfast, a salad for lunch, a stir fry for supper and many more tasty combinations! Check out my previous blog posts and recipe page for more inspiration!

5. Limit Distracted eating. Eating while watching television, working on the computer or driving, ect. is not mindful eating. Pay more attention and savor your food more. Eat at your table. 

6. Drink more water. Many of us overeat when we are not only hungry but also thirsty. Nourish your body with water. Get yourself a cool water bottle and fill it up!

7. Watch your portions. We eat too much and have become unaware of a healthy portions.Use a smaller plate and don’t let your food touch.

8. Get your sleep. So many of us are not well rested and this has been linked to becoming overweight. Check out my previous blog post on getting more rest here.

9. Choose real food. Eat as whole as possible. It is likely to be more filling, less calories and more nutritious.

10. Make eating a special event. Buy some flowers, light some candles, put on the table cloth and put on some background music. You will feel more like you have eaten after that than if you gobbled down your food at the television. It will be like going out to eat but at home!

Love my birthday bouquet and it is very fragrant!
Make your meal a special event!

I hope some of these suggestions help get you started on your weight management goals this year. They are simple, painless things to add that can make a big difference.If you are looking for more guidance this new year consider working with a professional. I am a registered dietitian nutritionist and I help clients make life changes to improve their health. In North Carolina, the Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan and the Blue Cross Federal plan cover for the nutrition visits. You can read about some of the things that we can work on together here.

Fresh and healthy start for the new year!
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